Purchasing Currency Before You Travel Abroad

Money is always an issue when traveling abroad. Even experienced travelers find themselves a bit confused about money exchange rates, fees, or finding a trustworthy institution that provides an honest exchange.

You may discover that purchasing currency before you travel abroad is a smarter option without all the hassle. Before you go to your local bank or institution, however, spend some time researching currency exchange rates and analyzing your spending plans once you reach your destination. Doing so may save you some money and help you avoid uncertainty overseas.

Doing so may save you some money and help you avoid uncertainty overseas.

Services such as Continental Currency Services offers competitive rates for travelers throughout California and Nevada. We can help you save money as you exchange your currency.

Applicable Fees

You will incur a fee every time you exchange currency, no matter where you travel. The fees are often considerably higher abroad than they are in the U.S. They can add up quickly and eat into your budget.

To avoid higher fees in another country, contact a local currency exchange center in California and Nevada to compare fees and save money.

Conversion Rates

World currency exchange rates fluctuate according to the value of the currency. You are essentially comparing markets. Thus, the rates see-saw frequently depending on which country’s economy is stronger at any given time.

While cashing in on what seems like a reasonable rate is always a gamble — after all, tomorrow’s rate could always be more favorable — you’re in a position to take advantage of a better rate here in the U.S. than you are stuck in another country where your options are limited.

For instance, if you are planning a trip several weeks or months in advance, you can monitor the conversion rates and then purchase currency when it’s most advantageous.

Differing Rates and Fees

Institutions abroad are not required to follow the currency exchange rates in the market. They can determine their rates within specific guidelines. Therefore, some businesses will set higher rates in exchange for convenience or location.

Businesses you should avoid purchasing or exchanging currency include airports and major transportation hubs, hotels, restaurants, tourist establishments, currency kiosks, or small markets. If you must purchase currency in a foreign land, then try to stick with banks or ATMs.

Regardless of where and how you purchase currency here at home, you are likely to pay some fee or other costs. The key is to pay the lowest fees at the best conversions. You are likely to find some of the lowest fees at a financial services center.

Currency Exchange Services in California and Nevada

If you are getting ready to go on vacation and need to exchange some currency, then visit one of our locations or contact Continental Currency Services. We buy and sell foreign currency. We offer expanded financial services, competitive pricing, and a wide range of products.

To find a location near you, call us at 833-RATES-4-U, or visit our locations page on our website.

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